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Life & High Notes with Ke'Ira

November is here, the trees are creating beautiful fall colors, and the weather is definitely confused in the Mid-West lol. In addition to the mentioned, the holidays are a-coming, and I'm SUPER excited because, outside of my birthday, it's my FAVORITE time of the year. The reality is however, that many dread the holidays due to financial stress, and/or the loss of a loved one. Here are a few tips that I feel, could be applied to both feelings: #1 acknowledge your feelings (it's ok to admit that you're stressed, hurt, angry, or sad. Most importantly, cry if you feel like crying; scream when you need to scream), #2 reach out to family or friends (advice that I give often: use your village; they're in your life for a reason. I recognize that some of you may feel that you have no one to talk to; ever considered a counselor or mentor??), #3 be realistic with your time and budget (LISTEN, it's OK to say NO to those kids' gift requests (lbvs). Calculate those coins, prioritize those finances, then spend accordingly. Need ammo to stay on track?? Keep asking yourself this: "what's the true reason for the season anyway??"), #4 set aside differences (another lesson that the pandemic should have taught us all, is to love on your people. Now's the time, more than ever, to make amends), and #5 don't abandon healthy habits (I've been learning that my physical state affects my mental. If I'm feeling sluggish from these COVID lbs, I sometimes feel down in my spirit, for example. During the holiday season, remember to STILL implement healthy eating habits, take self-care days, and have some kind of fun once or twice a week).

Speaking of the holidays...Who is Ke'Ira Pt. 7: Christmas Favorites is coming Nov. 19th, 8p, at Cafe Biz 618 Shared Workspace: 10850 Lincoln Trail Ste. 16 Fairview Heights IL. I'll be singing a few Christmas tunes with my band Fy'Nully, sharing special Christmas moments with the crowd, hoping that they'll share theirs with us as well. Yes, we're creating a warm and fuzzy vibe! Santa will be in the building, as well as local businesses that you can shop with for special Christmas gifts that you can afford (let me take you back to tip #3). This family-friendly event is free admission. I hope that you can come out and join us (feel free to share the info with others). Let's get you in the holiday spirit!

If you truly know me, then you know that I usually don't discuss ANYTHING Christmas before Thanksgiving; I'm just not one to disrespect the Turkey lol. In order to get the video production for Who is Ke'Ira edited and ready for Dec, we have to film in Nov; that's THE only reason why we're jumping to Christmas on my watch. With that being said, let's bring it back to Thanksgiving. What are you guys and gals cooking? Stuffing or dressing (I'm a dressing girl)? I wanna hear from you. Be sure to comment, and invite your friends to subscribe; the more the merrier. Happy Thanksgiving fam! Talk to you next month (xoxo).

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