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Life & High Notes with Ke'Ira

Two Saturdays ago, I had my stage play/concert "Loving You," at the Hettenhausen Center for the Arts in Lebanon, IL. Can we say "another one for the books!" Listen, when I set out to do something, a sister sets out LOL. And I do it, regardless of who's backing me up or not. That wasn't the case for some of my cast/band members however. Some were in their feels, due to the lack of support represented within the audience, on their behalf. I get it, and I'm sure they had every right to feel hurt and/or upset. How many of you find yourselves always the supporter, but never the supported?? Can I share something with you: it bees like that, and you're gonna have to be VERY content with it rolling that way. The reality is, we all have seasons when God prompts us to be there for certain people (remember, every person isn't your assignment), but we mustn't get it confused with it being a reciprocated situation. Some people are just not meant to be behind you. Some don't know how to be in that position. And I know that we all wish upon the stars, that family would show up and out, but my dears, the aforementioned goes for them also. And again, we have to be OK with the outcome. Choose to be glad in whoever's present in the moment. That's your circle; they're the ones who are genuinely rooting you on; happy to see you win. Whether that's a big number of people or not; family or strangers, rejoice in who's present IN THAT moment. I'd rather have 1 person in the audience, with the motive of building me up, than 100 who just want to see how things turned out for commentary.

While we're talking about circles, have any of you, my fellow business professionals, done any networking last month? Have you mapped out your plans for this month? Networking is so beneficial, and should be practiced monthly (daily if you have the time). Networking offers opportunities for connections that could be pivotal to your entity. Some of you may be saying "Ke'Ira, I don't know where to start!" Here are a few tips: browse Eventbrite, join business groups on Facebook, or check out the events section of LinkedIn. During the pandemic, most events have been FREE.99 (both virtual and in-person). Take advantage! The rest of you may be saying "Ke'Ira, I'm an introvert! I'm not peopley!" (mind reading was my career in another life LOL). Let me ask, how can you run a successful business or organization within a shell?!? There are programs for people like you: Toast Masters, public engagement specific workshops, and more! No excuses yall. You didn't step out to follow your dreams, to be complacent. Ladies, I have THE perfect organization that would not only provide you with a village of like-minded individuals, yet offer monthly workshops to help enhance you as a businesswoman: We Rise by Design: Women Entrepreneurs. We'd love to have you come aboard to grow together.

If you missed the above mentioned play, I HIGHLY recommend joining us next month for the virtual viewing (stay tuned for more information). When I tell you that the cast God sent me delivered, they DELIVERT! I had SOOOO much fun with these guys and gals, the four months we spent preparing. Oh yes, there will be a Pt. 2, which is all the reason why you should get caught up on Pt. 1. Check out a few pics captured, below (I don't wanna give you too much of a spoiler). Till next month...xoxo

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