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Life & High Notes with Ke'Ira

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

"Don't save something for a special occasion. Every day of life is a special occasion." -Thomas S. Monson

Whip that bottle of wine out, pull that "special" outfit from the closet, or cook that new recipe; and do it NOW. As we all have learned from the pandemic (and if you haven't, as the elders say, "Just keep on living"), it's time to live EACH day as if it's your last. It's time to live within your purpose; fulfilling EVERY dream you've imagined. Starting TODAY, live boldly, courageously, intentionally, and especially (smile).

Speaking of purpose & passion; ya'll know that I'm VERY passionate about small business (I'm smiling as I type this). I want to see you all WIN! So here's your business tip of the month: be VERY intentional with your customer service (your tone when you answer the phone (how about you actually answer the phone and/or messages left via voice mail), your mannerism when speaking to the customer, promptness with follow-ups, and clear communication about your products/services). Adding these tidbits to your business ethics, will have you soaring to places unimaginable!

I'll tell you ONE THING that's unimaginable: the places where God takes me!

On the 31st of this month, I will be celebrating my 2nd year of leaving the corporate world, to DO ME (insert hands of praise here)! And COVID hasn't stopped a dang on thang, as I've been gearing up for my stage production, "Loving You." My team and I have been preparing for this stage play/concert for months now, and we're ready to reveal! Get your tickets to reserve your seat! I claim "sold out" over this event (you may proceed to shout with me).

Let me leave you with a fun musical fact: on Stevie Wonder's "All I Do," you'll hear amazing background vocals from THE legendary Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, and Walter Williams (from the O'Jays (for you young cats lol)). Take a listen, enjoy, and I'll talk to you next month (xoxo)

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