Event planner, founder, singer, song writer, marketer, manager

Ke'Ira isn't an entrepreneur by choice, yet by purpose and vision.  She faithfully believes that gifts and talents granted to us all, aren't for our self-benefit, but for the blessing of others.  She is forever grateful for each opportunity given to express her creativity.  She accomplishes this, via song and stage writing, as well as through the works of her entities Etc. Event Planning & Marketing LLC, and We Rise by Design: Women Entrepreneurs.    

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Ke'Ira has an extensive background in music, writing, leadership, and business.  She continually surrounds herself amongst individuals and elements, that will contribute growth within her craft and skills.  When on a pause from taking the world by storm, she indulges in quality time with her family and friends; the people on earth, whom she cherishes the most. 


Latest Projects

Office Rental

Executive Management

Oversees the operation of the facility's event space, personnel, and vendors; devises and executes marketing strategies to generate leads, manages surrounding community initiatives designed to develop relationships, as well as performs workspace community management, to include the launching of initiatives that will create connection between workspace members. Click the image above, for office and event space rental!   

Theatre company

"Loving You" Stage Play

Written, directed by, and starring Ke'Ira, this stage production will incorporate everything performing arts: acting, dancing, spoken word, and of course music!  Ke'Ira and her team's preparation for this project, will not only take theatre to another level, yet offer an entirely different view to "after-party," through a mini concert, to end the night. Click the image above, to stay updated on this upcoming event.

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